5 things you didn't know about me
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5 things you didn't know about me

I saw a similar post over here and liked the idea so I thought I would give it a whirl…”The rules are pretty straight forward. Write 5 things that people don’t know about you.”

1. I hate to shave. Actually this may not be a huge shocker to those of you who I see on a regular basis since I keep a health scruff at most times. There are very few things I will shave for: A funeral, A wedding, and the only other thing I will shave for is…anytime Becky wants me too 😉

2. I am an Avid Gator Fan even though I never attended UF. I will watch the boys no matter what the score or sport. I grew up going to the games and sitting in the stand until the 4th quarter when Drew and I can run up to the sky box. Sometimes if we were really lucky we would get to sneak up there for the whole game. University of Florida all the way!!!

3. I am a organized guy living in a dirty body. Ok, maybe that didn’t come out the way I meant it to…That is to say I love to be organized and clean but I always seem to be in a state of mess. I am somewhat addicted to binge cleaning. (I clean hardcore once every several weeks with little cleaning between)

4. I snuggle with my dog. Yeah, it is true. But if you new how snugly my dog is you would understand.

5. I had a really hard time putting this together. I know that is a wierd thing to list but I have had a difficult time thinking of things that people don’t know about me. Anyone who actually reads this will know at least two of the things on this list about me. I wouldn’t be surprised if most knew it all…

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  • Becky
    Posted January 25, 2007

    #6 You have Whinney the Pooh silk boxers that say “Tuff Stuff” on them.

    #7 You like your head rubbed

    #8 Your a killer cook!

    #9 You like the OC and your not gay.

    #10 Your the most sweetest guy I have ever known and the most brave!

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